Weiners and Winners!

I’d like to take some time to thank everyone that attended the open house event on 1250 Rd this last Sunday!  I don’t think I poisoned anyone with the hot-dogs, which is nice.  We didn’t have any animal attacks either at the petting zoo.  My wife even befriended a lovely skunk named Lucy.  The only thing that was harmed was the gas grill that slid off my trailer on the way to open house—and no worries, it still works , no one hit it, and I removed the LP tank before transport.

betsy and lucy

I had a great time.  It made me reflect on events of the past–from the Halloween Haunted House when we were out on East Austin to my Grandfather pulling the aerial banner behind the plane.  I have missed some of the extras that set us apart, and getting back to socializing with customers and clients.  I think we would have made my Grandfather proud for being somewhat grandiose, and yet made my mother proud for being halfway tactful(extra stress on halfway, lol).

I did further realize the importance of team and family.  If you didn’t know, we have a injured quarterback right now…..Monte has hurt his back, and is unable to help out as much as normal, which if you know Monte, it’s driving him nuts( you also know he’s coaching from the sideline)!  Everyone really stepped up that works with me–this wasn’t an event one person could pull off.  Hats off to Marilyn, Joann, Vanessa, Tammy, Charlie and Betsy!  I’m truly a blessed individual.   Extra thanks to my wife……we called an auction Saturday, and Betsy woke up with me at 5:30 AM in order to help me(she’s our auction cashier, just one of her many hats!), and then without missing a beat was up Sunday morning helping me set up the open house at 7:30 AM.  Why she puts up with me, I have no idea, but I can say I’m pretty lucky!

Thanks also go out to our great open house sponsors.  Studio 119, Ellis Furniture, WL Spraying, The Vickers Law Firm, J & S Pest Control, Sutherlands, and Hillier’s Area-wide Plumbing.

Oh yeah! Aaron Arlington (and Mrs. Arlington too!!!) with Gateway Mortgage.  He helped with financing information at the event!

Which leads me to my next point.  The winners of the door prizes!


They say the camera adds ten pounds, right?  I really think that’s Mindy’s Generals Chicken at the Quick Dine–it’s an addiction.  Also, it’s a fun game to try how many ummms or the word lucky I can get out in 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

Thanks again all!!  We are happy to have served Vernon County for the last 68 years, and proud to be your choice in home buying/selling!

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