A closing with a former real estate broker, friend, and long time client!


Pictured is Listing Agent J.J. Curtis with his client, Mr. Rick O’neal

You might ask yourself “Why would a former top producing agent need a listing agent?”  It’s simple–the game changes on a daily basis–from financing to contract documents, things are way different than they were 10 years ago!

Rick came to me after working with another agent on an initial investment purchase.  We immediately hit things off, and we have been working closely ever since.

Maybe the cliche was wrong–maybe it should have been ” It takes an agent to spot an agent”.    Anyhow, Mr. O’Neal, we appreciate your continued business and friendship!

If you want an agent that will represent you on your next real property purchase–contact a Curtis and Sons agent–be it investment property, your next home, or a business.  At Curtis and Sons, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your transaction a breeze!

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