An update on Fearless Leader

Monte has been having a hard time getting around.  Pain in his back and no feeling in his right leg.  The original diagnose we had indicated he had some sort of disc tear that was the issue.  Monte pursued the physical therapy route for a disc tear, and he little to no improvement.  About 85 days into this ordeal everyone thought (especially Monte who had been banished to couch at his house) maybe it was time for a second opinion.

Six MRI’s and several doctors later–we learned the frightening news that Monte had suffered from a spinal cord injury and would require a surgery called a laminectomy.  First, full disclosure–I’m not a doctor, I’m not even a paid actor that portrays a doctor.  I would describe it as they needed to whittle off a little bone on  vertebrate located in his cervical and thoracic portions of his spine in order to make a little more room for his spinal cord–as it seemed to be getting pinched–thus no feeling in his right leg, mobility issues, etc.


(waiting in the surgical waiting room yesterday–It was a long day.  We got there around 6:20, and I think this photo was an update at around 2:30–we had control of Monte’s phone and I thought we’d change his lock screen and home screen for him)

Monte has a couple of fears in life, but the largest one is needles.  The man used to get dental fillings without anesthetic.   In other words, a big surgery was a huge deal for Monte ( however, I can say in pre-opp he mostly feared the catheter–which seems completely understandable to this author) .  He made it 61 years without going under the knife–we’ll he can’t say that anymore!

Monte’s surgery was a little rough on him, but he’s now recovering. We have several more days at the hospital in front of us, physical therapy, and a little time at home.  Probably  of the three of those that Monte loathes the most would be the time at home.  He likes to be in the know!

We’d like to thank everyone that has inquired as to Monte’s well being, the thoughts and prayers passed our direction(keep ’em coming please!), and the awesome doctors and nurses that have been taking great care of him at Freeman!  Also, a big thanks to everyone on the team that stayed back in Nevada–The real estate business doesn’t slow down when you get hurt, and I’m proud to say we had no disruptions in service, and everything was business as normal!  Just a one of the many benefits of working with experienced and awesome folks!

Love ya Pops!  Ready to see you back here, and hoping for a quick recovery!  More updates to come as Monte progresses with his recovery.

4 thoughts on “An update on Fearless Leader”

  1. CurtisandSons

    He’s progressing a bit! They have him up in a chair today. Thing are looking up, we’d like to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers

  2. I had no idea. Praying for quick recovery, healing, and full health for Monte. Take care my outdoor brother we got turkeys and deer to shoot this fall. God speed on recovery. Get well soon . God bless. Praying for ya Monte

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