Why Should I Use a Buyer’s Agent?

Ever wonder why it’s a good idea to use a buyer’s agent? Well, in addition to bringing expertise on the purchase process, there are a couple of incredibly valuable reasons.  Ever heard the term “fighting with one hand tied behind your back”?  If you go into a negotiation against an experienced seller’s agent that’s exactly what you’re doing.  You’ll be at every possible disadvantage there, right from the start without even being able to access MLS data to see what comparable properties have sold for in order to offer the correct amount.  By contrast, if you work with any of our experienced Curtis and Sons agents you’ll have an entire office with over 100 years of combined experience and tens of millions of dollars of transactions fighting on YOUR behalf.  With us on your side, you’re not only fighting with both hands, we’re giving you a set of brass knuckles too 🙂

Best of all, you know the saying about how nothing in life is free?  That’s true in most things, but not here!  That’s right, the services of a buyer’s agent are completely FREE to you as the buyer- in most cases, the commission is paid entirely by the seller.

Better representation, someone to fight for you and bring their years of experience to help you, and all for no charge?  Why would you do anything else?  Give us a call at 417-667-7868 today to see how we can work for you!

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