At Curtis and Sons We Sell Your Home Faster than the Competition-AND for a Lower Commission!

Well folks, the stats just came in, and we did pretty darn well, if we do say so ourselves!  Our average number of days on market for Curtis and Sons listings in 2017 was only 93!  For comparison’s sake, our closest major competitor in Nevada had an average of 125 days on market!  How did we accomplish this you might ask?  Well, we offer a full spectrum marketing campaign consisting of print media, local MLS, video tours, drone videography where appropriate, prominent placement on major websites, AND video tours of your home!  But technology can only go so far- it’s the people that really make it!  We have a fantastic team with over 100 years combined of experience, and our agents take the time to sit down with you, visit, and get to know you and your needs!  This combination of great technology and a great team is what allows us to do so well!

Not only that, but our commissions start at 3% (5% if we find the buyer and handle both sides of the transaction) which means more money in YOUR pocket!  On a $145,000 sale, you would net an extra $1450 selling with us that way!

Why choose anyone else?  Give us a call at 417-667-7868 and any of our friendly agents will be happy to let you know just how hard we’ll work for you!

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