We take care of you at every stage of buying and selling a home at Curtis and Sons!

This wasn’t Mrs. Murray’s first purchase-but it was her first sale! Monte’s dad built this house back in the 1970’s, and JJ’s mother sold it to her 32 years ago! Now, after many happy years there, it was time to retire and move on to greener pastures. We helped out with a few small cosmetic upgrades (beautiful auburn stain for the deck, etc) to bring the true beauty of this home to the forefront. Mrs. Murray wanted it sold fast, and boy did we! It was listed on a Friday, and we had it under contract by Monday! A nice smooth transaction at all steps of the way, and we just closed. You may notice that we look like twins- it wasn’t planned! Just sometimes you and your client are so in tune you color coordinate at closing ;P

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