Blink and you’ll miss it! Under contract in only 10 days!

Remember the old Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons from Warner Brothers? Beep Beep, and the Roadrunner was gone in the blink of an eye, leaving the poor Coyote frustrated again! Well, Vanessa Leisure got this property listed and sold in Roadrunner time! Listed and under contract in only 10 days! If you’re looking to sell your property FAST-give her a call at 913-406-6380! And if you’re looking to buy, and don’t want to miss out on these great opportunities, Vanessa or any other member of the Curtis and Sons team can make sure we find you a property quickly. It’s definitely a seller’s market now-so make sure you have an experienced Realtor in your corner!

Thanks to Nathan and Shannon Phelps, wonderful buyers to work with, and Martha Franks for being such a gracious seller!

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