Tips for a Safe and Happy Winter from your Friends at Curtis and Sons!

At Curtis and Sons we want to ensure you have a safe, happy winter season this year, so we prepared a few tips to help you out and prevent some common occurrences which might cost you money or create a dangerous situation.


Temperature-  Please remember to ALWAYS leave your thermostat at at least 60 degrees, especially when you’re gone.  This will keep the house warm enough to prevent the pipes from freezing, which can be very costly and troublesome to deal with.  Also remember if the temperature will be below freezing to leave your faucets drip, this will prevent pipes from freezing.






Hoses- All garden hoses should be detached from the outside spigots.  This prevents the water inside from freezing and potentially cracking the hose bib.








Windows- Don’t forget to check and make sure that all windows are tightly sealed. If they’re left open even a tiny bit warm air will constantly be escaping your home and it will drive up your heating bill considerably.






Traction- Remember to salt your doorsteps and driveway anytime rain or ice is predicted when the temperature is around or below freezing. This will help melt the ice and possibly prevent a bad injury if someone were to slip and fall!






Foundation vents- If you have foundation vents that open, this is the time to close them.  This will help keep your crawlspace warmer and prevent heat seeking critters from entering.

If you have any questions about these or if we can help you in any way,   give us a call 417-667-7868!

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