Old McDonald had a farm?

Pictured are Kevin Morrow (seller), Marilyn Brownsberger (broker), and Lonnie McFadden (closing agent)


So, I remember the part about the duck, the chicken, mule, and dog…….but no one said anything about a Realtor, and a Closing Agent?  Also, McDonald happens to be Morrow–and he’s not that old.

When you’re self employed, sometimes work makes it impossible to get away–we understand, if you don’t make a living, we don’t either!  So……what happens when you can’t leave work due a cow calving?  Most companies reschedule, delay, and amend.  Well, at Curtis and Sons–we bring the closing to you.  I honestly think it would have been a much better photo opportunity if Lonnie was pulling that calf while wearing that sport coat.  What can I say, people have limits!

We make every effort to make things go as easy as possible–with skilled brokers like Marilyn and great business partners like Lonnie McFadden–things go that way.

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Morrow for the business and awesome job team!





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