Knowing Your Neighbors! Is Print Advertising Still Relevant?

When it comes to selling your house for top dollar, good marketing is hands down the most important factor.  You can have a beautiful home at a fair price, but if few people know about it you won’t be able to sell, at least not at a favorable price.

Recently we saw a local real estate agent from another brokerage post a national poll (unsourced) claiming that only 1% of buyers found their house through the local newspaper.   Now, that may or may not be true (we can’t really verify without knowing where that came from), but if we give the benefit of the doubt it was a national poll.  We may all be one country, but you’ve got to admit there are some pretty big differences between various parts of the United States.  Even if that is true that only 1% of people in the bigger metropolitan regions like New York and Los Angeles find their home through the paper, we had a hunch that that just wasn’t true for the Nevada/Vernon County area.

So, to test our theory we conducted our own poll, of only people in Vernon County.  Surely more than 1% of people here find their home through the paper. Boy, were we right, and then some!  With 125 respondents a full 62% of them said that they or people they know use the newspaper to find a home!  That’s right folks, almost 2/3rds of people are looking for their next home in the paper!

While we don’t know the motivation of that other agent, it does seem possible that they were using it as an argument for not posting your home for sale in the paper. Now it’s easy to imagine why that might be the case, frankly, print advertising is expensive.  As a matter of fact we guarantee to run your home in the paper, EVERY SINGLE WEEK, until it sells. Other brokerages might not want to make that investment in your home, and are fine only targeting 1/3 of potential buyers.

No matter who you choose to list your home with, ask them about their marketing, and why they do what they do.  Interview some other brokerages, then come talk to a Curtis and Sons agent last, and you’ll understand why we have listed and sold nearly 2.5 times the number of properties in the area than our nearest local competitor  (in the last 365 days)- we’re willing to invest the money and the research into properly marketing your home!  Give us a call at 417-667-7868- you won’t regret it!

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