Free Cookies AND a New Home?? It’s a Winning Combination!

Well folks, in real estate, just like in life, timing is everything.  You’ve got to know the right time to buy, the right time to sell, the right time to list (all of which our experienced agents can help you with!), but, most importantly of all, the right time to schedule your closing to get free cookies!  That’s right, our awesome partners at McFadden Land & Title bring in free, home made cookies every Friday!  Last week they had some absolutely scrumptious strawberry turnover cookies!  Thanks so much Lonnie and Cindy for the delicious treats, and oh, by the way, congratulations Peggy on your awesome new house!  That home, along with the beautiful pond will make a great place to put down roots!  And like the old saying, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles!

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