Within the Curtis and Sons family we are constantly updating our rental fleet, with new, energy efficient homes. We offer product ranging from $335 per month to $1400 per month. With our wide selection of fine quality homes for lease–we’re sure we’ll have a product that fits your needs. To apply online click [Here].    Interested in knowing how we qualify out tenants? Click here to view our scoring system before you apply! [Here]

Rental Properties


Price Control

Tired of your rent increasing on every renewal period? Come talk to us! As long as long as you are part of the Curtis and Sons family, your rent will never change. We have a long term tenant that has resided with us for over nineteen years–her rent is the same as it was the day she moved in.


Full time maintenance staff

We have two full time maintenance personal on staff dedicated to you. We are equipped with tools to handle any job, from routine drain cleaning to a broken window we have you covered. We also employ great licensed maintenance partners to make sure that plumbing or electrical glitches are repaired in a timely manner.


Flexible payment options

With ACH billing we allow you to pay either monthly or bi-weekly. For a nominal fee, you can even pay weekly if you desire. Debits come out of your account automatically–no postage or hunting for a parking spot to pay your rent!


Flexible lease arrangements

At Curtis and Sons, we allow you to move within the Curtis and Sons family without penalty. Need a larger home in the middle of your lease? Not a problem! All we ask, is that you assist us in leasing your previous property and it’s put back in the same condition as when you originally rented it.